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Surviving Mergers ! January 31, 2006

Posted by shootingcipher in Business and IT.
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The bane of mergers and acquisitions are the mass retrenchemnt of employees. But as this article from the Telegraph says, mergers are alo an opportunity to filter out the staff not upto the standards. But who sets these imaginary standards in an already competitive atmosphere? Speaking for the IT industry, of which I have been a part only since the past month and I know I do not have a great knowledge about this, but from what I could feel, a merger generally victimizes the employees of the company being taken over.


Here I am… January 31, 2006

Posted by shootingcipher in Personal.
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After brooding for 3 years and 2 unsuccessful attempts at blogging , here I am starting off again. I shall be taking regular backups of my memory since I have noticed I am getting consistently forgetful these days and it would be very depressing to let go of my life’s incidental happenings and happening incidents .