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Again Quantum ! February 24, 2006

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Looks as if the Quantum community is back with a vengeance. They are making news almost everyday. Now a professor from toronto has claimed he can hack any hacker which is bound to piss off many script kiddies and instigate attacks on their web sites. But what is actually being said has been known for a long time that wave-particle dualtiy will prove to be the ultimate ( this is doubtful though, see the previous post on quantum) cracker deterrant.


Logical pessimism February 23, 2006

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You can never catch up
You cannot  start
You cannot even move
These  acutely pessimistic views were proposed and propounded  by Zeno, a greek philosopher who lived in the times of Socrates (actually preceded him). These are from a set of 8 paradoxes, called Zeno’s paradoxes that have been fiercely debated, explained, disproved, maligned since the ages but still rear their head in quite a few academic circles. Some scientists claim to have solved a search problem using Quantum computers without even running the algorithm and this somehow has to do with Zeno’s paradox šŸ˜•   

Science of Stone skipping February 22, 2006

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This activity used to be and still is one of the decent ways to compete with men when you go out for a picnic near a brook or river or lake with the fairer sex šŸ˜‰  But there is a lot of interesting physics behind the stone skipping phenomenon.

Birth of AI February 22, 2006

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An article that speaketh of the pioneers of AI

Sudoku Solver February 21, 2006

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I have been a Sudoku addict for quite sometime now. I first came across one in the Telegraph when I was enjoying my last summer vacation and later whn I returned to college, The Times of India gave me ample opportunity to get a high after solving a sudoku puzzle. I generally crave excitement and getting the sudoku right in the morning would make me feel as if I had achieved something and the day could only get better. And they were a very good anti-depressant too.

Unfortunately after starting my professional life I rarely get time in the mornings to solve one. For the past few days IĀ  had not been doing any active assignment and with tons of docs to read preparing for the impeding project, I managed to eke out enough time to daydream. But my castles and fortresses (with princesses ofcourse) did not seem exciting enough. Then it struck me that I had been thinking of writing a Sudoku solver program just for the heck of it. I really miss my C programming college days. And so I started and I am almost done..actually the code can only solve easy sudoku puzzles as of now. Still have to integrate the logic of navigating the advanced puzzles which may seem very intuitive but translating it into language is a different thing.

I was also thinking about how do we create a Sudoku puzzle. Have to look into this.

Quantum cryptography Kaput ? February 21, 2006

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Came across this link on Slashdot Scientists from Japan and University of York have demonstrated the first instance of Quantum telecloning. This implies that the very basis of quantum cryptography’s level of security will now be suspect. Ofcourse it will not be easy , but then breaking classically ecrypted data was never a piece of cake too. The point is that what was supposed to be the holy grail of security is now a claim on very shaky grounds.
I shall not discuss about the other esoteric applications in daily life (eg : teleportation of macro objects) because that in itself is a topic experts are still to stop arguing upon. The widely accepted view is that the macro properties makes it very difficult to maintain the structure etc. Ofcourse this may be the next truth to be falsified in the coming years.
What worries me sometimes is if there can ever be anything as absolute security? Can we have an unbreakable technology? But then this throws up more issues. There will always be bad elements of society who misuse technology and perhaps unbreakable is not what we really want in such a case. Who knows…….

The Many Unusual Looking Buildings On Earth February 17, 2006

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Architecture is an interesting subject providing boundless opportunities to publicly express your ideas ( which maybe crazy sometimes) in real SpaceTime ….unlike blogging wherein its all virtual which again enables me to edit posts and present a decent image of my ghoulish self.
Here goes the link :


Another week to reminisce and Perl February 17, 2006

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This week again passed in a blur as I learn to cope with my new life , working , earning, attending meetings etc(actually nothing else, the etc is just to reassure myself that a lot more things were accomplished). I have seriously started the journey to attain mastery in Perl. The only scripting language I know a bit is javascript but somehow it does not seem to have the geekiness quotient that the word Perl evokes in you. This place is a great source of Oreilly‘s Perl resources.

The best thing amongst the stuff that i have come to know about Perl is the “non declaration of variables ” aspect. Reminds me of FORTRAN ( ofcourse you can declare but there are implicit variables). Yes I have coded in FORTRAN and learnt the ABC’s of coding with BASIC (the GW flavour). And (this brings tears to my eyes) I was forced to code in COBOL (forced as in ———-> syllabus created by knucleheads when they were salivating lechers and kept unchanged even when they became older salivating lechers——–> implication ——> students forced to struggle with 40 lines of header code to write 2 lines of code).

I am looking forward to a weekend spent reading a great book by Sir Roger Penrose, Shadows of the Mind which seeks to find a theory that seeks to delve into the amalgamation of consciousness, space, time, computational theories, maths , physics. Lip smacking stuff and the excitement is hair raising.

I shall be starting on a real project from next week. Right now in office it is docs, Winamp radio and Raaga that sustain me. I am trying to reduce my coffee intake and my incessant browsing. Also planning to get a guitar this weekend. More about music when I get the guitar.

AI site February 15, 2006

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This is a listing of AI and general Computer Science links that I came across :

Bob Bowman’s Free Educational Technologies:Programming Links: