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An article on Sahir Ludhianvi and his works March 20, 2006

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Aasmaan pe hai Khuda aur zameen pe hum
Aaj kal voh is taraf dekhta hai kam
Kis ko bheje voh yahaan khaak chaan-ne
Is tamaam bheed ka haal jaan-ne
Aadmi hain anginat, devta hain kam


StartUp Dictums March 16, 2006

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A few good points to keep in mind when you decide that its better to rule than listening to some boring Mr Know-IT-All venting his ire. I mean those crazy times when a wounded intellect(ego too) seeks an escape that culminates in setting up a startup …..but ofcourse we all know its not as easy as thwy would make us believe. Came across a few good tips to entrepreneurs here. An excerpt :

  • It’s good to be king — being an entrepreneur is the best job I’ve had. Every day your job is new and different; you constantly have to push yourself in new directions. You no longer have to say, “Well, I’m just an engineer, but…” — you have a great excuse to take an interest in everything. Working in an environment you shaped to your own beliefs about how a company should be run is incredible (and humbling!). And of course there are sometimes financial rewards, although it’s still a great job regardless.
  • Losing sucks — shutting down a company is unbelievably difficult. It affects your home life, your health, your job prospects, your financial stability. Professional investors are grown-ups, but it’s still extremely disheartening to lose the money people invested based on belief in you. If your backers include friends or family, it’s extremely difficult to have to tell them ……………………

War of the Languages March 13, 2006

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My best programming language has always been C (ie after I learnt it in school). Earlier I had programmed in BASIC ( mid 90s) and FORTRAN, COBOL(late 90s) and at that time BASIC’s simplicity and intuitive syntax (?) used to keep me hooked. But then C came along into my life and the world was new.
After that C++  was the natural progression and also had to tackle Pascal. JAVA, VB, C#, PERL( I am still learning this and its a nice language) are the others I know. But I just want to learn LISP which is based on Lambda calculus and not Turing’s hypothesis for computation.
But here is an article that does an impassioned study of a few of the languages. Makes sense.