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3pm distraction May 24, 2007

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So yet another day at office.. I was working away on a not too interesting problem trying to desist myself from taking yet another peek at the seductive posts on slashdot, digg, reddit,neatorama .. when above the self-induced din of my headphones I discerned a female voice in a not too pleasant mood. As I turned away from the enticing contours of my monitor, a sheepish looking security guard being reprimanded by a lady from the hallow portals of management greeted me. Seemed to be a trifling issue , but hey we are talking about management here ; who let’s just say do their part in keeping the word nonsensical from vanishing from the english lexicon (as opposed to purfled , obnubilate etc).

A short description of the location is germane to this incident. The scene took place at a corner in a passage that leads to the stationary room. As befits the highly efficent office-admin dept, their ponderous efforts placed this oft-accessed room in a hard to find nook amongst the cubicles. So this made me the apt person for seeking directions or so everybody thought. Tired of doing too-many good turns a day and an overflowing karma, I pasted a Post-It on the adjacent wall. which seemed to be the cause of the ruckus.


Our good lady had lost precious time finding the stationary and it was because I had painted the arrow in the wrong direction and she had not bothered to read the text inside the box that formed the arrow’s body (yes it was a pretty neat drawing) that also mentioned the room number. I was honestly surprised as to why I had not noticed it earlier while the guard was getting the dressing down of his life. Yes she was attractive in a 40ish sort of way but that doesn’t help when crankiness supercedes all feminine charms. Admitting to guilt was out of question , joining in the tirade on helpless house-keeping personnel not quite proper and not being quite the shrew tamer , a devilish enjoyment of the fracas seemed the best way out.


But “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” and hence the annual fire-drill siren blasted forth signalling an end this act. And yes the poor guy escaped with no harm. I guess the hilarity of the situation is tough to describe but then humourless office confines lowers one’s humour threshold.



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