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Indian chatrooms disappoint again ! February 25, 2008

Posted by shootingcipher in Uncategorized.

Posting after a long gap as I had forgotten my login password. It’s a miracle I remembered it today 🙂

Was listening to a few Tagore ‘s songs and thought of looking for the lyrics of the songs and consequently any repository of his poems(with the Bengali-English translations). Quite a few of the words in Tagore’s poems are incomprehensible to my limited vocabulary. Web search yielded a few links but none host his complete works. Most of the sites have horrendous layouts (90s html style with popups/banners/scrolling text etc) , one has a search facility but I could not extract a single poem with that and their DB kept failing.

As normal searches kept failing I thought of checking out some chat room. Was never quite a fan of Indian chat rooms and the little I had used had convinced me 4 years back to give up any effort at seeking intelligent conversation wrt rediff/indiatimes/yahoo. The past few years however have seen lots of Indian chat sites coming up (which I came to know when I dd a google search) and I thought maybe the scenario had changed. Needless to say I was WRONG.

People who visit chat rooms(males mostly wrt Indian ones) are there for only one thing which of-course rhymes with flex. So one is inundated with private messages seeking gender information as soon as one enters the chat room with a remotely non-testosterone-gushing nickname. Reply Male and time comes to a standstill. No one responds to any query (which in my case was the one mentioned earlier). Perhaps the demographic using these chat rooms are not the type to indulge in any activity that slows down their persistent strife to get a babe in this skewed gender distribution of the cyber-space in-spite of what the chat room’s name may claim.

I think I will have to seek out some social-networking site’s topic-specific communities/groups. Maybe if Orkut introduced some chat system in their community pages it would be nice , but then again it may degenerate considering our biological propensity.

The wrong side of 25 suddenly makes me feel old. These inanities used to amuse me earlier but nowadays I get pissed off. I guess I am on the other side of the generation gap.



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