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Programming Quotations September 5, 2006

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Birth of AI February 22, 2006

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An article that speaketh of the pioneers of AI

Quantum cryptography Kaput ? February 21, 2006

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Came across this link on Slashdot Scientists from Japan and University of York have demonstrated the first instance of Quantum telecloning. This implies that the very basis of quantum cryptography’s level of security will now be suspect. Ofcourse it will not be easy , but then breaking classically ecrypted data was never a piece of cake too. The point is that what was supposed to be the holy grail of security is now a claim on very shaky grounds.
I shall not discuss about the other esoteric applications in daily life (eg : teleportation of macro objects) because that in itself is a topic experts are still to stop arguing upon. The widely accepted view is that the macro properties makes it very difficult to maintain the structure etc. Ofcourse this may be the next truth to be falsified in the coming years.
What worries me sometimes is if there can ever be anything as absolute security? Can we have an unbreakable technology? But then this throws up more issues. There will always be bad elements of society who misuse technology and perhaps unbreakable is not what we really want in such a case. Who knows…….