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De Mention of the dimensions September 5, 2006

Posted by shootingcipher in Physics.
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I remember having read a book “This Fascinating Astronomy” when I was 13 years old. It was a remnant of the books that came out of the erstwhile USSR to India at absurdly low prices (with respect to their excellent binding and paper quality) and after that my life was never the same (Will write a piece sometime about Sputnik,Misha, Science in the USSR etc one day maybe). It was the first time I came to know that there could be such a thing as the 4th dimension and although I could not grasp it fully until I was 16 (and finished reading the Brief Histoory of Time once) I was absolutely enchanted that there could be a basis for a time machine after all. And ofcourse countless daydreams later I am still enamoured of Astronomy. Alas I never pursued the subject academically (except the initial senior high school physics and engineering physics in the initial years) and immersed 6 years of my life in computer science.
But still this will be a lifelong pursuit to read and wonder about quntum physics/astrophysics I hope. Now to come to the point, string theory sugests that all matter is generated by substrings vibrating in the 10th dimension. When I had heard this I thought just how could the theorists imagine the 10th dimension when visualizing the 4th was a mind-bender.
Well fear not, as this absolutely amazing flash animation will explan in a manner so lucid that I could cry. And when one reads this, very few will remain unmoved by what it implies.


Strings, Parallel universes and the Theory of Everything August 19, 2006

Posted by shootingcipher in Physics.
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The Elegant Universe is a series of short videos that speak of the quest of finding the theory of everything, string theory and universes’ replicas. I am still to watch all the videos (since the bandwidth requirements are only available at office and need weekends for such stuff in office ).

Quantum cryptography Kaput ? February 21, 2006

Posted by shootingcipher in Computer Science, Physics.
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Came across this link on Slashdot Scientists from Japan and University of York have demonstrated the first instance of Quantum telecloning. This implies that the very basis of quantum cryptography’s level of security will now be suspect. Ofcourse it will not be easy , but then breaking classically ecrypted data was never a piece of cake too. The point is that what was supposed to be the holy grail of security is now a claim on very shaky grounds.
I shall not discuss about the other esoteric applications in daily life (eg : teleportation of macro objects) because that in itself is a topic experts are still to stop arguing upon. The widely accepted view is that the macro properties makes it very difficult to maintain the structure etc. Ofcourse this may be the next truth to be falsified in the coming years.
What worries me sometimes is if there can ever be anything as absolute security? Can we have an unbreakable technology? But then this throws up more issues. There will always be bad elements of society who misuse technology and perhaps unbreakable is not what we really want in such a case. Who knows…….